We are TSW Nursery Sales in Aurora, Oregon – a grower and broker of quality nursery stock that works with over 250 growers in Oregon, Washington, Idaho and California. We stock an abundant variety of material, making it possible to fulfill all of your plant needs. We will supply you with everything from 4 inch liners to 4 inch caliper shade trees to 20 foot conifers.

At TSW Nursery Sales we hand select all of the plant material that we ship. This ensures that you receive only quality material like you would pick out yourself. Our company is known for its superior service and exceptional customer satisfaction. In order to further meet your needs, TSW Nursery Sales is continuing to expand its growing facility.

We bring many years of experience in every facet of the nursery industry – then we go the extra mile to ensure we deliver what our customers expect.

Greenhouse at TSW Nursery Sales. We broker trees, shrubs, plants. Trees and shrubs in container, ball and burlap, deciduous and evergreen trees - also tree seedlings.
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